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South Korea is a powerhouse in the entertainment industry, both in and out of the country. As a result, very few foreign titles make a major impact in Korean cinema.

Instead of competing with other Korean titles, we tapped into a recent controversial talking point - Surveillance culture - to introduce the idea of untraceable 'ghost agents' in "6 Underground", a vigilante action-thriller directed by Michael Bay.  

We took over Seoul's billboards in a big way, hijacking billboards in the city's most heavily populated shopping areas. 

Regular ad placements were turned into digital installations: CCTV surveillance footages of passers-by with a message that let them know they're being watched.  

The installation directed people to an unbranded microsite that let users calculate their online presence, prompting them to 'Become ghosts and disappear' like the characters in 6 Underground. 

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